Plugin API

This section contains items from this module that are intended for use by plugin authors or those contributing to Ward itself. If you’re just using Ward to write your tests, this section isn’t relevant.

class ward.config.Config(config_path: Optional[pathlib.Path], project_root: Optional[pathlib.Path], path: Tuple[str], exclude: Tuple[str], search: Optional[str], tags: Optional[cucumber_tag_expressions.model.Expression], fail_limit: Optional[int], test_output_style: str, order: str, capture_output: bool, show_slowest: int, show_diff_symbols: bool, dry_run: bool, hook_module: Tuple[str], progress_style: Tuple[str], plugin_config: Dict[str, Dict[str, Any]])

Dataclass providing access to the user configuration that has been supplied to Ward